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Injury Prevention

To avoid traumatic injury, today’s young people need more than advice. They need help building skills that will lead them to make smarter, safer decisions. John Muir Health participates in two programs that address two of the most dangerous concerns affecting young people: personal violence and unsafe driving.

Beyond Violence

Beyond Violence serves patients aged 15 to 25 years old who have been admitted to John Muir Health Trauma Services for violent injuries caused by interpersonal conflict. Unfortunately, many victims of violence are likely to return to the hospital, enter the criminal justice system, or both. Trained counselors help young people and their family and friends avoid further injury or death.

The program includes:

  • Trained crisis intervention and long-term case management and mentoring
  • Tools for ending retaliatory violence
  • Links to local resources that help patients live without violence
  • Access to positive peer role models

For more information about Beyond Violence, please call the Trauma Services Office at 925-947-5224.

Every 15 Minutes

Every 15 Minutes is an emotionally charged two-day program for high school students about driving safety. It challenges teens to think about driving while impaired or using a mobile device. Students take part in simulations, reenactments, and discussion groups. The program has had a profound impact on many teens as they prepare to make critical decisions.

To learn more about this program, including how your child’s school can participate, visit Every 15 Minutes or call the Trauma Services Office at 925-947-5224.