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MyChart Video Visits

Get the care you need conveniently without leaving home, with MyChart video visits.

Just like an in-person visit, a video visit is a scheduled appointment with a provider – using secure video conferencing technology. Many symptoms and conditions can be cared for via video visits, including most follow up care for ongoing conditions, and care for new symptoms.

How do I schedule a video visit?

When you need care, call your doctor or one of our urgent care centers. We’ll ask some questions about your symptoms and if a video visit is right for your condition, we will schedule one for you.

Once your video visit is scheduled, you'll receive a text or email confirmation. If you don't have a MyChart account, you'll also receive a text or email with an instant activation code to set up your MyChart account. Make sure you activate your account before your appointment.

What do I need to participate in a video visit?
  • A smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. If you use a desktop computer, it must have a camera and microphone. 
  • An active MyChart account. If you do not have a MyChart account, please check your text or email for an instant activation code or contact your doctor's office to request one. 
  • Access to the Zoom app. Video visits through MyChart are done using Zoom. You will need to download Zoom when you begin your visit.
  • A quiet, private location.
What do I need to do to get ready for my video visit?

THREE DAYS before your scheduled your video visit, log in to your Mychart account and complete eCheck-in to fill out forms, provide insurance information, and pay your co-pay

Log in to your MyChart account, find your video visit appointment under "Visits > Appointments and Visits", and click the "eCheck-in" button.

You will not be able to begin your video visit until eCheck-in is complete.

How do I access my video visit?

To access the video visit, log in to your MyChart account

Log in to your MyChart account and find your video visit appointment under "Visits > Appointments and Visits" or in your "To Do" list on the MyChart homepage.

You can also access your video visit through the MyChart mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Within 30 MINUTES of your video visit, test your audio and video connections

Log in to your MyChart account, find your video visit appointment under "Visits > Appointments and Visits", and click the "Begin Visit" button. You will be asked to download or launch Zoom to start your visit.

After you click "Begin Visit" in MyChart, you will be taken to a Zoom meeting where you will either need to download or launch Zoom

Follow the instructions on the Zoom launch page. You may need to "launch meeting" or "download and run Zoom".


Test your audio connection

You can do a test call at to make sure your audio connection is working.

If you need help, please review Zoom's help site for testing audio

Test your video connection

You can do a test call at to make sure your video connection is working.

If you need help, please review Zoom's help site for testing video

At your scheduled appointment time, your doctor will appear on screen and the visit will begin

If you arrive early, please wait for your doctor to start the visit.

If you experience technical difficulties during your visit, your doctor's office will contact you for assistance.

What can I expect during a video visit?

Your doctor will listen to your symptoms, explain your diagnosis and develop a treatment plan for you, including prescribing medication as needed. Sometimes, your doctor may also ask you to come in for an additional in person visit in order to examine you more closely. But most of the time, the video visit is all you’ll need to do.

Can providers treat me in the same way during a video visit as when I see them in person?

For the most part, yes! All care team members can access and update your medical record and provide care within the scope of their practice. Physicians and nurse practitioners can electronically order prescriptions and write orders based on your needs.

However, there are known limitations to not having in-person care. These limitations may include, for example, equipment failure, deficiencies in transmission of information (i.e. poor resolution of transmitted images) that can impede a correct diagnosis or treatment, or an incorrect diagnosis or treatment due to the inability of the physician or care team member to touch the patient (i.e. palpate, etc.).

By participating, you acknowledge the known limitations of receiving health care services by means of video visits and voluntarily accept those limitations.

Are video visits private?

Yes, video visits are private and confidential, and will not be recorded or saved.  We use technology which by law, must include methods to protect the privacy and security of your health information. It is important that you use secure wireless networks and limit others within earshot or eyesight in your location to those you allow to participate in your care. 

Where should I do my video visit?

It’s important that your video visit is private and that your doctor can see and hear you clearly. To help ensure this, please do the following:

  • Set up in an indoor location that is private. A quiet room with a door that closes is ideal. This way you can be sure that the conversation between you and your doctor is private.
  • Make sure that the area you are in has good lighting from either a window or a lamp (or both!). The light should be directly on your face. For example, if you are using a window, please sit in front of the window facing it directly. This allows your doctor to see you better, which helps in examining and diagnosing you.
How do I reschedule or cancel a video visit?

Please call your doctor’s office to make changes to the scheduled appointment.

Can I reuse a link from a previous visit?

No, video visit links are unique to each appointment and will expire after the visit.

Need more help?

If you need additional assistance with your MyChart video visit call (925) 941-2050, Monday-Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm.